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Do you feel you have talents you haven’t fully explored and realised?

Do you work in the corporate world and feel there’s more for you?

Do you feel as though your current job doesn’t allow you to fulfil your potential?

Do you want to confidently identify your next career move?

Do you want to change direction completely, by switching to a new career, becoming a freelancer or starting your own business?

Do you want to feel purposeful, empowered, and confident in your business or career every day?

Do you want to feel highly respected and appreciated in your field, whether you are an employee or self-employed entrepreneur?

Do you want to know that you are using your unique strengths daily – working smarter, not harder?

Then you’re in the right place.

Let me take you on a transformational journey. It’s one I’ve been on myself.

I’m Bec Sands, a career transformation coach, writer, and motivational speaker. I work with corporate women to take their lives and careers to the next level by first, identifying with confidence where it is they most want to go.

I am also a public relations and communications professional with a decade of experience working with global brands. I hold a degree in PR and journalism, and am a fully Certified Coach with the renowned Beautiful You Coaching Academy. I use all of this training and experience together to insightfully communicate with my clients, helping them to deliver incredible ‘aha!’ moments for themselves and to move with momentum towards their amazing goals.


I am filled with passion every day for the work that I do in the world. But that hasn’t always been the case…

Years ago, I struggled to find meaning in what I was doing in my career, or clarity about why I was doing it. I had worked hard to succeed, but it left me feeling unfulfilled. Like many corporate women, I was stressed, anxious and burnt out. I struggled to find the time or energy for important self-care rituals like exercise, time for myself, time to explore my passions or time with family and friends. I had no space or energy in my life for all of the things that filled me up. I felt like I was closing off from the world; contracting, rather than expanding.

I realised I needed to make changes, but it was hard to make them stick. I would start a new exercise or meditation program and then struggle to find the motivation or energy to continue it. I just couldn’t see the outcome as to how these actions could help me overall, so it seemed a bit pointless – and plus, I was time-poor, so that was a good excuse – right?!

I also had no idea how to create fulfilment for myself from my career. (That’s right – create fulfilment for myself. I believe that this is something we create for ourselves; it’s not something we find, or which is given to us. Fulfilment comes from what we put in). I felt that if I couldn’t find more fulfilment in my communications career, which I enjoyed, I would take these feelings of ‘lack’ into everything I did in the future.

Then, a few years ago, I made a huge decision that altered the course of my life, my career, and transformed how I feel every single day. The decision may surprise you: it wasn’t an external change, but internal.

I committed to putting myself first, no matter what!

I committed to putting myself first in all areas of my life, not in a selfish way, but rather, making sure I was okay so I had the energy to put towards the people and pursuits closest to me. Suffice it to say, this decision was life-altering.

This commitment to myself drove me to identify what I wanted next in my career and life. Years ago, I decided to make a career change to a very different part of my industry; one which I loved, and which gave me the space to create massive changes for myself in my life as a whole.

The next steps started falling into place.


With a renewed passion and zest for life, I began to not only enjoy the work I was doing every day in my career – I also started to identify my passions outside of my career, which led me to the incredibly inspiring work that I am privileged to be able to do in the world today.

The key decision to put myself first and my subsequent actions took me to the next level in both my life and my career. They all contributed to my passion to help other corporate women achieve the same transformation for themselves.

Ironically, when I backed off of my career, it started to really take off. I had more energy because, for a change, I was getting what I needed and that filtered through to my work. I stopped putting as much emphasis on the feelings and actions of those around me and stopped over-caring. I focused on what was right, not what was wrong. I was able to put things into perspective, giving me the emotional space and energy to fully explore and build on my unique skills and talents.

Finally, I started experiencing daily all of the feelings I was looking for – abundance, fulfilment, creativity, and the knowledge that I am giving my best out into the world.

I know how it feels to be stuck – and I also know how it feels to move past it!

I discovered the tools to identify what I most want in life, and to move with momentum towards a new level of career success.

I now have my own beautiful, inspired coaching business that fuels me with passion for what I do.

I work with women just like you to create their own kinds of career transformations, and this is precisely my passion. It’s what lights me up inside every day. I want to see you challenged to create your most successful self in a supportive, creative, nourishing and positive environment, and I’m here to walk with you every step of the way on your journey.

I can help you upgrade your life, find and live your passion, and create a career that lights you up inside.

I believe that you (yes, you!) Have the right to career success and the abundance that flows with it. I believe that you have everything it takes to get to the next level and beyond, and to wake up inspired and loving what you do every day. I believe that you can reach new heights of income and get paid well to do work that you love.

Do you want to break free of the corporate struggle and create a career and life that lights you up? Click here to find out more about working with me one-on-one. I can’t wait to connect with you.

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About Bec Sands

Bec-Sands_headshot_v2Bec Sands is a career transformation coach, writer, and motivational speaker. Bec is passionate about helping corporate women elevate their careers to a new level, or change to an entirely new field.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Bec works with clients all over the world, helping them transform their careers and lives with an integrated, holistic approach to smash through obstacles and create huge momentum in their professional lives.

Bec has climbed her way up the corporate ladder for a decade, working in the field of public relations and corporate communications for global companies. She also holds a Bachelor of Media from Macquarie University, majoring in public relations and journalism, and is a fully Certified Coach with the renowned Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA).

By helping her clients identify their unique strengths and working with them to integrate these daily with inspired action, Bec empowers her clients to reach incredible levels of work satisfaction and success by working smarter, not harder.

Connect with Bec and access her free ‘Create Happier Work Days’ e-book here.

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